Activity #2 - Sell Yourself


In this activity you will write a business letter trying to sell yourselves. You will choose a company or business that you would like to work for, and write them a letter on why they should hire you for a particular job. The intent of this activity is to make writing business letters fun. .

What would be your dream job? If you don't have a dream job, think of job or career you might like to do or pursue.
Some examples:
  • Work for Sony PlayStation or Microsoft X-Box in the gaming development department
  • A professional athlete
  • An Astronaut / Navy Seal / Air Force Pilot
  • Doctor / Lawyer / Police Officer
  • Actress / lead singer of a rock band

What kinds of attributes and skills would you need or would be beneficial to have in order to get that job.

Activity / Procedure:

You will first have to pick or decide on what your dream job is. Some research will be required for each type of job.
  • Where the job is located, what companies or businesses might have these positions available, what training or education is required for their job, or what kind of salary is expected at this job

Once you have picked a dream job and did some research on the requirements for the job, you will have to start compiling a list of your attributes, abilities, skills, talents, certifications and qualifications you have that will help you get that job.

It should follow the same sequential steps as a business letter.

Once letters are complete you will need to research the appropriate mailing address and contact person for the company or business you are sending their letter to.

Once your final draft is complete it can be printed or e-mailed to the me for evaluation.