Creative Writing - "Free Writes"

The following topics will give the students a chance to 'Free Write' about a certain topic. Free Writes consist of giving the students a very general topic and have them write about it. The length of the 'free writes' can vary from a paragraph to a page, depending on the student and the restrictions put on by the teacher.
The following activities are geared toward getting students to keyboard, revise, edit, originate, plan and format a document. The activity topics are meant to be fun and stimulate creative thought.
Feel free to modify, change or adapt the activity topics or add any of your own.

Free Write #1: Super Hero
If I was a super hero I would be . The powers that I would have would be....
Have the students fill in the blank and finish the rest of the statement. Make sure they include reasons for their powers.

Free Write #2: What I like and dislike about people
I like (it) when people...
I dislike (it) when people...
Have students write a paragraph to finish the above statements. If they have trouble get them to remember when somebody did something nice for them, or when someone or something was treated badly.
Free Write #3 - Poem - Am I
I am... (two special characteristics you have)
I wonder...(something you are actually curious about)
I hear...(an imaginary sound)
I see...(an imaginary sight)
I want...(an actual desire)
I am...(the first line of the poem repeated)
I pretend ...(something you actually pretend to do)
I feel ...(a feeling about something imaginary)
I touch ...(an imaginary touch)
I worry ...(something that really bothers you)
I cry ...(something that makes you very sad)
I am ...(the first line of the poem repeated)
I understand ...(something you know is true)
I say ...(something you believe in)
I dream ...(something you actually dream about)
I try ...(something you really make an effort about)
I hope ...(something you actually hope for)
I am ...(the first line of the poem repeated)
Free Write #4 - Animal Instinct
If I were an animal I would be
. I think this animal suits me because ...
Have students write a paragraph describing what animal they would be and why. Most students will just roll with this idea, but on a more critical level ask them to find an animal that would best describe their personality, characteristics and traits.