Now that you have finished your career interest surveys, and you know what career you might be well suited for, it is time to find a job that meets your needs and suits your personality.
Using the Internet as a resource, locate four jobs that you indicated interested you from your Career Interest Surveys in the last lesson. These jobs obviously should be jobs that you indicated interested you the most.
What might be the types of information that you would want to see in a job add before applying for that job?

  • salary!!!
  • location
  • responsibilities
  • benefits
  • educational requirements
  • hours
  • what else?

*Note*Try to find job listings that give lots of information on the specific job. The more information the job add gives you, the easier time you will have writing a cover letter that explains why you are best suited for that job.
On this page you should paste the jobs listings that you have found, as well as the link to the listing on the Internet.
The sites below may be helpful in your search.