~ To distinguish and illustrate the characteristics of an entrepreneurial venture.
~ To recognize and examine some of the factors that influence entrepreneurs.
~ To develop abilities for building positive relationships in one’s life and work.


The school is trying to raise money in order to purchase a Smartboard and you have been given the task to come up with a fundraising idea. You will be in a group of three/four and you must create a mini-venture plan for the SRC. This is a friendly competition to test your entrepreneurial skills and instincts. Your plan must be realistic as the SRC may actually use your idea. You must consider:

~Cost of operations, supplies, etc. (must be accurate, you may have to phone around or research internet)
~Projected Profits (let’s face it, we’re doing this to make money)
~Time (volunteer time must be utilized properly)
~Market Strategies (posters, word of mouth, etc)
~School Appropriateness (must be legal, use common sense)
~Originality (novelty tends to wear off - hot dog sale)
~Time of year (A car wash in February doesn’t really work)
~People’s needs (people need to eat, like to be entertained, etc.)

You must include a title page with the name of your fundraiser, name of your group, date, and class.

You must have a detailed plan that includes headings with evidence of research (Number Crunching).

You will present your plan to the class. The way you present is up to you, consider the class to be the people deciding on which venture is being chosen.

You will be in groups of 4 and each group will have a leader. Each student will have a turn to be a group leader throughout the year. The leader will be in charge of the organization of jobs for group members and the communication with me.


Refer to rubric.

Groups ~ each student will have the opportunity to work together throughout the year. The Leaders are in bold.

Madison Rorie Anthony
Justin Melissa C Melissa F
Justice Katie Destiny
Stephanie Brandi Robyn